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At Clinic Eight, we specialize in the treatment of sports injuries and chronic pain syndromes. Benefits of pain management treatment include restful sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, improved blood circulation, and overall sense of well-being.

I successfully treat back, hip, shoulder, neck pain and headaches every day. Whether the injury is acute or long standing, acupuncture combined with proper body work techniques in combined sessions is very effective. I often find the most success with patients who have not had any progress with other practitioners.  

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Chinese and Western Acupuncture

We have the benefit of combined Eastern and Western approaches to relieving pain, utilizing classical acupuncture and modern interpretations such as dry-needling of trigger points.

Everyone experiences pain differently, therefore each treatment is tailored to your individual situation. For example, many respond incredibly well to just a few very superficial needles along with heat and light body work techniques.  Another may need deep tissue, structural-techniques and stronger motor point acupuncture for their body to respond.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbs

Asian Medicine is the oldest continually practiced system of medicine in the world, used by over a billion people each year. It is a complete medical science with its own theory of how our physiology functions, its own diagnostic techniques, and treatment modalities which include Acupuncture and herbal prescriptions. The cornerstone of Asian medicine is prescribing herbs, which has a 2,000 year history of continual evolution and success. It is one of the most sophisticated clinical systems in the world for analyzing patterns of ill health and treating them successfully.

Unlike Western herbology, which promotes single herbs with singular benefits, Eastern herbology uses combinations of herbs in formulas to treat multiple disorders. The Asian herbal pharmacopoeia also contains numerous herbal formulas for tonifying the energy and vitality of the human physiology, something that is not readily available in Western herbology. Herbs are very powerful, but to be effective they must be prescribed on an individual basis. For instance, Golden Seal is effective for some types of colds, but could actually cause symptoms of a cold in certain types of people. At Clinic Eight, we use herbs from all over the world but use them according to ancient East Asian diagnostic principles.

Two Treatment Rooms

Clinic Eight has two private, spacious, and comfortable treatment rooms. Therefore, you will receive your acupuncture treatment in an environment that allows you to enjoy the health benefits of acupuncture, while you relax or take a much needed nap!


Clinic Eight

Acupuncture Iowa City and Chinese Herbs

Sadly the chamber of commerce building was torn down. Clinic Eight has moved from the downtown Iowa City location. Good news, FREE PARKING! Visit us at 521 Westbury Drive, Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52245. The entrance is on the Rochester side of the building and down the hall from Restore Family Chiropractic.