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Acupuncture Iowa City specializes in utilizing Chinese medicine to effectively treat and manage pain. With a primary focus on alleviating back, shoulder, head and neck pain, our clinic boasts over 15 years of expertise in addressing a diverse range of patient concerns.

Experience Pain Relief through Chinese Medicine:

At Acupuncture Iowa City, we prioritize a holistic approach to pain management that integrates traditional Chinese medicine practices. Our skilled practitioners understands that true healing involves more than just quick fixes. Instead, we emphasize consistency and patience in your wellness journey.

What to Expect as a New Patient:

Unlike many Western methodologies that often seek immediate solutions, our classical Chinese model centers around understanding and adapting to your unique lifestyle and health factors. We consider daily choices like schedules, rest, diet, emotions, and their impact on your well-being. Through regular sessions, tailored specifically to your individual needs, our approach resembles starting a personalized fitness or nutrition routine.

Initially, you'll notice swift improvements in your condition. However, the enduring, long-lasting results stem from the virtues of time, consistency, and your commitment to the prescribed treatment plan. Think of it as a gradual yet sustainable transformation that caters to your limitations and preferences, paving the way for lasting relief and improved quality of life.

Dr. Rob Weingeist: Your Pathway to Results and Wellness

"My goal is to guide you back to the fulfilling life you aspire to lead, then surpass it!" 

Tailored Sessions for Optimal Wellness:

Sessions range from 45-75 minutes, offering an exceptional value for a flat rate of $90-110. Each session is crafted to deliver comprehensive care that can include: 

  • Acupuncture: $110 
  • Nutritional Coaching (Eastern and Western) $150 
  • Lifestyle Advice $150
  • Customized Herbal Prescriptions $150
  • Electric Stimulation Acupuncture $150
  • Gua Sha or Cupping $50 
  • Moxa/Herbal liniments/Moist Heat $40
  • Ear Seeds $20
  • Qigong/Medicine techniques $180
Real Stories, Real Results: 

Explore our Google Reviews and discover how we've successfully assisted individuals who were once in a situation similar to yours. Witness the transformative journeys of those we've helped regain their vitality and well-being.

Embark on your journey towards optimal wellness with Acupuncture Iowa City today.  

Got Pain?

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Chinese and Western Acupuncture

Integrative Pain Relief: Blending Eastern and Western Techniques

At our practice, we harness the power of both Eastern and Western methodologies to effectively alleviate pain. We combine classical acupuncture methods with contemporary approaches like dry needling for trigger points.

Expert Techniques, Personalized Care:

Rob's expertise encompasses distal point acupuncture techniques influenced by renowned practitioners such as Dr. Richard Tan, Bob Doane, and Master Tung. Additionally, he incorporates motor point and trigger point techniques inspired by the teachings of Matt Callison and Myopain dry needling.

Tailored Treatments for Individual Needs:

Understanding that every individual experiences pain uniquely, we prioritize crafting custom treatments tailored precisely to your specific requirements. Each visit guarantees a personalized approach geared towards addressing your distinct concerns and discomfort.

Pain relief through a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern expertise awaits you at our practice.

A woman having an acupuncture session.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Raw Chinese herbs
Unveiling the Timeless Wisdom of Asian Medicine

Asian Medicine stands as the world's oldest continuously practiced medical system, trusted by over a billion individuals annually. It constitutes a comprehensive medical science complete with its unique theories on human physiology, distinct diagnostic methods, and treatment modalities like Acupuncture and herbal prescriptions.

Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Healing:

The cornerstone of Asian Medicine lies in the practice of prescribing herbs, boasting a 2,000-year lineage of constant evolution and remarkable success. This intricate system stands as one of the world's most sophisticated clinical frameworks for analyzing health patterns and effectively addressing them.

Distinguishing Eastern Herbal Tradition:

Contrasting Western herbology, which often emphasizes singular herb benefits, Eastern herbology relies on intricate herbal combinations in formulas to address multiple health concerns. The rich Asian herbal pharmacopoeia offers diverse formulas aimed at fortifying the body's energy and vitality, a facet less common in Western approaches.

The Art of Personalized Herbal Medicine:

Herbs wield tremendous potency, yet their efficacy relies on individualized prescriptions. At Clinic Eight, we source herbs globally, aligning their usage with ancient East Asian diagnostic principles to tailor treatments to your unique constitution.

Experience the healing potential of Asian Medicine at Clinic Eight, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary healing.

Two Treatment Rooms

Clinic Eight has two private, spacious, and comfortable treatment rooms. Our tables are perfectly warmed to induce healthy blood circulation.

We make sure you receive your treatment in an environment that allows you to enjoy the health benefits of acupuncture, while you deeply relax or take a much deserved nap! 


Treatment Room 1Treatment Room 2

Clinic Eight

About Acupuncture Iowa City and Chinese Herbs


Clinic Eight has moved from downtown Iowa City to 521 Westbury Drive, Suite 1, Iowa City, IA 52245.

The entrance is on the Scott Blvd side of the building and down the hall from Restore Family Chiropractic.