Acupuncture and Stress Relief

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Acupuncture and Stress Relief


This is funny! Stress is not. Find stress relief with acupuncture. 

Acupuncture can really help with stress relief. Most people are stressed out in America. It can be surprising to some that Chinese medicine works for so many modern day issues. Here in Iowa City, we see a lot of stressed-out people. Whether they are students with deadlines or parents who need a break. It can be nice to just take a breather.

Acupuncture works great for stress relief because it treats the problem at the root instead of just treating the symptoms. Relief for symptoms of anxiety can be temporary but to really take care of it, it is best to find out what the underlining cause of the stress is. In Chinese medicine, we talk about Qi a lot. When you are stressed your qi can become unbalanced and result in deficiencies. Acupuncture can restore this balance and get you feeling cool, calm and collected in no time.

We offer a line of flower essences that can really help out in between appointments when life is hitting you hard. As someone who just did a whole house move last week, I can attest to how effective these essences are. They have a special blend for stress relief call rescue remedy.  Here is a link if you would like to check them out. Bach Flower Essences

Essential oils are super stress busters! We love lavender for its calming properties. Just a tiny drop on your wrist or under your nose can go a long way! Chamomile and Ylang Ylang are also great for anxious days. We have an oil diffuser at the clinic that works wonders. You just place a tealight candle underneath and warm the oil with some water. The scent will fill the room and help to calm you down after a hard day. The oils can also be used in a bath and are especially great with Epsom salts.

Finally, Diet. Food can either make us or break us. After a long week of eating panda express at every corner to avoid having to unpack my kitchen, my body was a complete wreck! It felt so great to eat real food that was nourishing. There is nothing quite like smelling freshly chopped herbs. It’s probably the most relaxing thing I can imagine. So let’s put together a recipe that will have you smelling some soothing scents and fill your stomach with great tasting food that will help with stress and anxiety!

Lemon Sage Chicken Cutlets this one is from Food Network and will leave your house filled with the aroma of sage. This recipe is super versatile. You can switch out the chicken for fish or even tofu and it’s still delicious.


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