Acupuncture for Trauma or Sports Injuries

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Acupuncture Iowa City is successful in the treatment of

trauma and or sports injuries


Have you tried acupuncture for trauma or sports injuries?  Most of us have experienced some kind of pain that we simply can’t seem to get completely rid of. Acupuncture might be your answer.

Sprains are commonly treated by licensed acupuncturist, Rob Weingeist, at Clinic Eight in Iowa City, Iowa.  Acupuncture can reduce pain in an acute sprain in a matter of minutes. Patients noticed improvement in their symptoms very quickly, even in grade 2 and 3 sprains, with ligament damage.  Patients who include acupuncture from a Board of Medicine licensed acupuncturist, along with the treatment they may be currently receiving from a physical therapist and medical doctor find that they are able to effectively managing their symptoms.  As with all medical procedures, seeking treatment as soon as possible is the best course of action!

Iowa Board of Medicine licensed acupuncturist, Rob Weingeist manages most of his patients with Clinic Eight’s holistic approach to health care. Two or more types of treatment may be used together. Traditional Chinese acupuncture along with trigger and motor point acupuncture are most often his first strategies.  Chinese herbs, herbal liniments, and medical qigong exercises are generally discussed for at home, self care.

Chinese Medicine may seem complicated, or even scary to some people. Keep things simple, act smart, and you will recover much more easily!

Rob has many useful strategies he shares with his patients during their treatment with him.  

The most important: 

Please get treated as soon as possible!

Visit a health care professional who can properly diagnose you.  It may be very important to get a diagnosis from an MD. Your MD may even recommend that you visit a licensed acupuncturist to avoid surgery. If you do need surgery, acupuncture is great for both preparing for your operation and for your post-operative care.

We are happy to help you at Clinic Eight – Acupuncture Iowa City.

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