Why blood flow is so important

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Why blood flow is important

At birth, the blood flow in the body is the best that it will ever be! Babies are just a big ball of blood vessels, hence why they are pink, and are like rubber. They can fall down 2000 times in the first few years of their lives while learning how to walk, yet where are the bruises? They heal almost instantly, like a healing machine. Whereas if we fell down 2000 times in the next three years, our bodies would not cope very well at all. What happens over time is that vascular flow in the body gets worse as we age; this is fact. Vessels get damaged with trauma, they clot up from bad eating habits, and all types of other stuff. So over time the flow of blood in the body, and nutrients, get worse and worse, until eventually there are certain body areas (usually the joints, the brain, the heart, the muscle, and the extremities) where blood flow will drop way down from its original condition at birth (up to 70%), so now the body has lost the ability to heal itself, hence the chronic problems begin to appear. With this, there will be a lack of nutrient flow in the nerves of the area, lack of nutrient flow in the tissue of the area, and if the area gets damaged then the body has one hard time correcting itself.

The key to living a more vital life is to improve the vascular flow! This is because health is highly oxygenated, highly nutritious blood coursing through the body! That is health; and those people can live an extremely long time.

When people who live into the “extreme” ages of 110-115 years old are asked what they did to get to that age, they usually say that they never ate very much, they never rested a big amount, they never really retired, they stayed happy, etc. However the one thing they never say is that they exercised the hell out of their bodies. This is a current ‘western-living’ phase where people believe stressing their bodies out to the max will help them in the long run; they are wrong. It’s because excessive or competitive aerobic exercise (ie competitive cycling, long distance running, etc) will damage the ventricles of the heart, creating an issue with the natural blood flow. That is why people should listen to the age old saying of ‘everything in moderation’.

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