Chinese Medicine and Autumn

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Chinese medicine and autumn

Chinese Medicine and Autumn

Wu Kun: “To cultivate one’s spirit in accordance with the four seasons”, is to regulate one’s spirit to suit the change of the seasons; or, in other words, this is to cure a disease before its onset, a thing that only a superior doctor could do.
The three months of autumn are a period of fructification and harvest. The weather is becoming severe and the field is becoming clear. One should rise and retire as chickens do, i.e. to go to bed early and get up early, and tranquilize his desires, so that the punishment of autumn can be minimized. One should restrain his spirit to coordinate with the autumn season. One should not express his desire openly so that his Lung Vital Energy will not be disturbed. In so doing, one could coordinate with the spirit of autumn astringency. To run counter to it will damage the Lung, bringing diarrhea with undigested food in winter, which is due to the inability of storing resulting from the ailment in autumn.

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