Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Colds and Flu

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Chinese Medicine helps with the changes of the seasons.

It’s that time of year again! We definitely got slammed with some super chilly weather this week. I actually was hit by a nasty 24 hour flu yesterday! As we start to turn our focus inwards in the coming months are bodies are craving attention and nourishment. We are so go, go, go, in the summer time. Fall brings a sense of slowing down and finding space. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall is represented by the element Metal. Metal reminds us to let go of the things that are not working for us. It can be easy to hold on to our pain and sickness. It feels natural to clutch to the suffering since we feel it so strongly. This season we challenge you to let go of your ailments and do not let them fester in your mental space.

It’s not surprising that metal represents the lungs and intestines in Chinese medicine. We see many people with symptoms of deficient lungs and intestines during this time of year. Definitely COLDS and FLU season! So let’s see how we can change our bodies with Chinese Medicine to better prepare ourselves for this time of year and to combat the sickness and let go of the suffering.

1.     Get acupuncture for preventative care. You can’t prevent getting sick. Sometimes things are just going to get you. You CAN though prepare your body for the recovery process. I was only sick for 1 day because I get acupuncture on a regular basis. It helped my body to process the sickness and then kick it out! If you are like me and get sick around the change of seasons, then maybe 4 times a year will help you if you are otherwise healthy. If you have some auto-immune problems or sinus and congestion you should consider coming once a month for several months to get everything up to speed.

2.     Get acupuncture to treat symptoms. Do you already have a cold or the flu? Acupuncture can help alleviate any pain you are feeling. From body aches to nasal congestion to headaches and migraines. Acupuncture is also great for letting go of your sickness. LET IT GO! It also has a tendency to speed up the duration of your illness. You might be super sick for one day but it’s only ONE day!

3.     Try an herbal formula. We have this amazing tea that helps to speed up symptoms and give you a kick of energy. It tastes amazing too! We had a lady from China in the other day who talked about how popular it is there. These herbal formulas have existed for thousands of years and have helped treat millions of people. We also have a great formula called Cold Quell that literally quells colds.

4.    Gua Sha for scraping a way the onset of a cold. If you are feeling like you are about to catch something gua sha is for you. We all know it, the itchy throat, the increased mucous. Oh no! Don’t stay home. Come see us for a gua sha treatment. Gua sha will bring your cold up to the surface. You will feel like crap the rest of the day. After gua sha our clients are sent home to sleep and drink tea. You will feel better in the morning!

5.     Pain Remedy. One of the most awful parts of being sick is the pain. No one wants to be in pain! We have a great product for pain management and acupuncture can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your pain. If you are feeling sick then you should come see us. It may be hard to get out of bed and get moving but it will be worth it to curb your symptoms.

That’s it for the blog this time. Remember to stay bundled up as it starts to become darker and cooler. Wind is especially bad if you are feeling unwell. If you feel like you are starting to catch a cold or the flu take care of yourself and schedule an acupuncture appointment when you can!


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Traditional Chinese Medicine helps with colds and flu


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