What does pain mean

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What does pain mean? Why do we experience chronic pain? Any time there is pain in the body, there are sensory nerves which are firing; these may or may not be related to a structural problem causing the sensory dysfunction. 95% of the time with chronic pain, there is no major structural reason/cause for the pain (nothing pushing on a nerve, no bulging disc, nothing leaning on a spinal nerve) but the person still has pain! The problem for most patients is that the immediate assumption is that if there is pain, there must be a structural reason for it. In other words, there must be some form of structure, being bone, soft tissue, disc or some object actually pushing on the sensory nerve, causing it to continuously fire. This assumption is not always true. This is usually when general practitioners prescribe pain relievers, which unfortunately nerves do not respond well to; hence the cause of the problem is not being corrected, and the pain is not eliminated from the body. So why is the pain still there? This is because the patient is caught in a sensory motor loop, meaning their body has forgotten how to shut the pain down. This is due to a neuropathic problem where the nerve itself is swollen, firing continuously, and sending incorrect information to the brain; hence creating a major problem for the patient.
As an acupuncturist, I can help relieve you of your pain. We can use acupuncture to restore proper blood circulation. When blood is circulating properly, we feel warm and relaxed.  Pain makes us function poorly. We don’t sleep, we don’t workout, we get angry or sad and feel like everything is too much to handle. We all have experienced this vicious cycle.

Visit Rob Weingeist at Clinic Eight. Many times you will feel your pain and tension dissipate while you are in the clinic, then continue to improve through the rest of the day and into your restful sleep that night.

The longer you wait, the more treatment it takes to make it all go away. Feel great today!

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