How to heal your sprained ankle

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Sprained ankle

Have you ever sprained your ankle? I bet you used lots of ice and ibuprofen, right? Want to learn how to heal your sprained ankle the correct way? My colleague Andrew Ball, licensed acupuncturist at Vitruvian holistic healthcare made a great YouTube video. Informative, and funny too!

Acupuncture Can Ease Wrist Pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Wrist Pain Acupuncture

NEW YORK TIMES:  All three groups found relief from pain, but both of the true acupuncture groups showed measurable physiological improvements in pain centers in the brain and nerves, while sham acupuncture did not produce such changes. Data suggests acupuncture can ease wrist pain of carpal tunnel syndrome Read the entire article here: Acupuncture Can Ease Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  

Traditional Chinese Medicine Helps Colds and Flu

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Chinese Medicine helps with the changes of the seasons. It’s that time of year again! We definitely got slammed with some super chilly weather this week. I actually was hit by a nasty 24 hour flu yesterday! As we start to turn our focus inwards in the coming months are bodies are craving attention and nourishment. We are so go, … Read More

Why blood flow is so important

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Why blood flow is important

At birth, the blood flow in the body is the best that it will ever be! Babies are just a big ball of blood vessels, hence why they are pink, and are like rubber. They can fall down 2000 times in the first few years of their lives while learning how to walk, yet where are the bruises? They heal … Read More

How the body can heal itself

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Mental and Emotional Health

Blood is the main healing component of the body. Everything we consume gets digested, eliminating the bad and keeping the good. Now this good “stuff” (nutrients from food) is transferred into the blood stream, with oxygen which the body has inhaled, and continuously spreading. When there is an injury to the body, the body freaks out and thinks that it … Read More

10 Reasons Women Should Try Acupuncture

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10 Reasons Women Should Try Acupuncture. In today’s world, women are always on the go. We are constantly putting out fires, dropping kids off somewhere, managing a high power job and trying to cook a healthy meal to boot! It can be hard to try and juggle it all. If we aren’t careful we can suffer from burnout, anxiety, depression … Read More

Acupuncture and Stress Relief

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Acupuncture and Stress Relief Acupuncture can really help with stress relief. Most people are stressed out in America. It can be surprising to some that Chinese medicine works for so many modern day issues. Here in Iowa City, we see a lot of stressed-out people. Whether they are students with deadlines or parents who need a break. It can be … Read More